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Go deeper into the unity and diversity of the Bible. Rev Mick Elfred


Welcome to the first in a series of Bible Studies exploring the scriptures. I hope that you will participate by signing up to the blog and commenting on the different posts. It is my intention that this blog will spark a fruitful discussion as together we explore one of the greatest books ever written.


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About Mick

A few words of introduction. My name is Fr Mick Elfred. I have been an Anglican Priest for forty years. I have a Hons degree in Theology and an M. Phil. I am also a UKCP registered Psychotherapist. For many years my main interest has been the interplay between Theological/Philosophical thinking and Psychological Concepts. The dialogue between these various disciplines has profoundly influenced how I read and understand the Bible. In the light of this I hope you enjoy my blog.

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