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Go deeper into the unity and diversity of the Bible. Rev Mick Elfred


Welcome to the first in a series of Bible Studies exploring the scriptures. I hope that you will participate by signing up to the blog and commenting on the different posts. It is my intention that this blog will spark a fruitful discussion as together we explore one of the greatest books ever written.

The Gospels – Part 3

As I mentioned previously, tutored readers of the Gospels might feel similarly frustrated and disappointed if they come to the text expecting anything like a balanced picture of the life of Jesus Christ.  In fact, the Gospel writers are even more radical in their treatment of the story of Jesus who is the Christ thanContinue reading “The Gospels – Part 3”

The Gospels Part 2

Last time we saw that the Gospels tell us that Jesus announced the coming of the “Kingdom of God” in His person; that He demonstrated the agenda for the Kingdom in what He did.  The Kingdom starts as an internal Kingdom and that, if we want to be part of it, we must like HimContinue reading “The Gospels Part 2”

The Gospels – Part 1

The first Gospel, Matthew, starts his account of Jesus’ life, with a genealogy; in other words, Jesus’ family tree.  The family tree goes back to King David and then right back to Abraham.  The reason why Matthew does this is to show that the significance of Jesus’ life is tied up with fulfilling the promisesContinue reading “The Gospels – Part 1”


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About Mick

A few words of introduction. My name is Fr Mick Elfred. I have been an Anglican Priest for forty years. I have a Hons degree in Theology and an M. Phil. I am also a UKCP registered Psychotherapist. For many years my main interest has been the interplay between Theological/Philosophical thinking and Psychological Concepts. The dialogue between these various disciplines has profoundly influenced how I read and understand the Bible. In the light of this I hope you enjoy my blog.

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