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Go deeper into the unity and diversity of the Bible. Rev Mick Elfred


Welcome to the first in a series of Bible Studies exploring the scriptures. I hope that you will participate by signing up to the blog and commenting on the different posts. It is my intention that this blog will spark a fruitful discussion as together we explore one of the greatest books ever written.

What’s Next?

Now I have completed my blog series, what is next? Well, in the autumn, I will be recording a series of talks taking up important themes which are found in various stories in both the Old and New Testaments. So if you found the brief overview of the Bible laid out in my blog informative,Continue reading “What’s Next?”

The Epilogue

Last time we briefly considered the “Revelation of St John the Divine”, the last book of the New Testament and indeed of the Bible itself.  We noted how confusing this work is to our modern mind.  Even in the past some of the Fathers of the Early Church wanted it left out of the CanonContinue reading “The Epilogue”


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About Mick

A few words of introduction. My name is Fr Mick Elfred. I have been an Anglican Priest for forty years. I have a Hons degree in Theology and an M. Phil. I am also a UKCP registered Psychotherapist. For many years my main interest has been the interplay between Theological/Philosophical thinking and Psychological Concepts. The dialogue between these various disciplines has profoundly influenced how I read and understand the Bible. In the light of this I hope you enjoy my blog.

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